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Our schedule listed below is to help you plan for the coming year.  These are days that WORC will be closed and not providing services.  We will continue to provide reminders as each day approaches.  If the client is capable of working independently and chooses to work without WORC support on one of these scheduled days we encourage that wholeheartedly!!  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


2021        Friday, January 1st  – New Years Day
                Friday, April 2nd –  Good Friday
                Monday, May 31st – Memorial Day
                Monday July 5th – Independence Day Holiday
                Monday, September 6th – Labor Day
                Thursday and Friday, November 25th and 26th – Thanksgiving
                Friday, December 24th  – Christmas Eve
                Friday, December 31st – New Years Eve


                              2021 Additional Activity and Picnic Schedule

*Due to the Covid-19 virus we have no outside activities planned for 2021. We will keep everyone posted as we hope we may be able to see everyone later in the year.


We have scheduled Training Days for the entire staff at WORC.   WORC closes for regular support services on the All Staff In-service/Training days to use this time for staff training, meetings, planning, etc.


                              SNOW AND INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY

WORC is concerned for the safety of consumers and staff during inclement weather.  Should travel advisories be announced, WORC staff will call families to regarding cancellations for the day.  WORC strongly recommends limiting travel to a minimum.  Again, safety is a prime concern.  Consumers who work and travel independently should use proper judgment (or seek assistance with decision making) about staying at home or going to work.


Questions please contact W.O.R.C. at 608-221-2102.